About the Netherlands

Now that you know the differnce between the Netherlands and Holland is time to know more things about it.

The Netherlands is located in nothwest Europe. Bordered by Germany, Belgium and the North Sea. The Netherlands is divided into twelve provinces and the main capital is Amsterdam.

Over 30% of the Netherlands lies below sea level. The peasants control the water level using mills and dikes to protect against water. The sea level has increased 17 cm in the last century but we expect an increase of 59 cm this century. During the flooding of 1953, around 8% of the country got flooded and 1.838 inhabitants died. Since then, people has built dikes and barriers to protect the country against the water.

Without dikes, this part of the Netherlands would be flooded:

The Netherlands has a typically moderate marine climate. The sea's infulence ensures we are not too cold during winter and not too hot during summer.


Since 1815 the Netherlands has been a constitutional monarchy and since 1848, the Netherlands is also a parliamentary democracy.

The Ducth monarch has no real political power, but serves as representative head of state.
The present king is Willem Alexander. He became king of the Netherlands on 30 April 2013.


Monetary stability is well maintained, and the judicial system, independent and free of corruption, provides strong protection for the country.

Gulden used to be the currency before Euro was adopted.



The official national language of the Netherlands is Ducth, spoken by almost all people in the Netherlands. There are also some recognised provincial languages and regional dialects.

Between 90% and 93% of the Dutch population is able to converse in English. The main reason for the high level of English is the use of subtitles for foreign languages on television rather than audio dubbing. To sum up, Dutch people is able to speak more than just one language.


The Netherlands is the 64th most populated country in the world with a population of 16,785,403.


Dutch people is Roman Catholic, Muslim, Protestant or not religious

All of the information above are the basics of this european country.

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