Are The Netherlands and Holland the same?

The Difference between Holland and the Netherlands:
The correct name for this tulip growing and ocean conquering nation is the Netherlands.
The general regio includes:

·The Dutch Republic
·The United States of Belgium
·The Kingdom of Holland

The Netherlands is divided into twelve provinces:

·Utrecht, and here's the confusion:
·Noord (North) Holland 
·Zuid (South) Holland

These provinces make calling the Netherlands "Holland". The two Hollands are the most populated provinces.

Confusion continues: People who live in the Hollands are called Hollanders, but all citizens of the Netherlands are called Dutch as their language.  

To sum up: This country is the Netherlands, its pepole are Dutch, they speak Dutch. There is no country called Holland, but there are provinces of North and South Holland


The Netherlands' flag


South Holland's flag


North Holland's flag

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