Rotterdam is a city situated in the Netherlands. It has a population of 630.383 inhabitants. The port of Rotterdam is the largest cargo port in Europe and the 10th largest in the whole world. It is communicated with the river Rín.
Rotterdam was founded in the century XIII before a dam which was built above the river Rotter and this is where the name of the city comes from. Rotterdam recived the municipal duties in 1340 and in 1360 a defensive wall was built around the city.

Rotterdam can be famous for its peculiar buildings. For example we can find the cubic houses in Rotterdam.

Cubic houses are a set of innovative houses. The designer titled the cube of a conventional house 45º and all of them are rested upon a hexagon pylon. It represents a village where the houses represent a tree and all the houses together represent a forest.

There is too the pencil building, located next to the cubic houses. It looks like this:

And in front of all of them we find the Markthal

The Market Hall is a residental - and office building with a market hall underneath.

If we go to the Euromast we can enjoy the Rotterdam view, a beautiful and nice city.

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