Dutch family

While the week I was in Maassluis a Turkey family hosted me. They are a huge family with three brothers: Orhan gazi (the little one), Bedirhan (the middle one) and Batuhan (the big one), two sisters: Azem (the little one) and Asena (the big one), the father is Orhan and a mother is Selma. They have one orange and white cat.
They don't have timetables because they are a Turkey family but they live in Holland so they don't follow a fixed schedule. Anyway we didn't eat all together because we were so much people that we didn't fit in the table, in addition there were always guests in the house. They didn't drink almost anything of water but they drink a lot of soft-drinks and eat a lot of bread. I noticed they eat a lot and very fast but they are not fat in relation as how much they eat! 
The family was very friendly and welcoming, they liked to ask me how we speak in spanish and the brothers used to say "Buenos días" to me every morning.
One night, the took me to a typical Turkish restaurant. We ate a lot of meat because it was a barbeceue inside the restaurant and for deserts I ate "Baklava" a typicial Turkish desert. 


They are an active family with non-stop. They are always doing things and they are passion people. I'm very happy with it and I hope to see them again.

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