Amsterdam's houses are built above waterproof foundations so this way the houses don't sink in the mud.
About the history of the channels and their development through the centuries we can say that a dike closed the sea water and this way is how the lake was created.
The actual railway station in Amsterdam is a vital center and it is built above 9.000 foundations in an artificial island but centuries ago there was a harbour over there.
The city was inside of a sea and its harbour gave a lot of richness but the harbour wasn't deep enough and because of this they always had to keep it open.
It is always cold but during the night they cool the water and there is a competition about swimming through the channels. Even the queen has participated!
In the century IXX jewish people used to sell clothes in the flea market.
Amsterdam has three bridges that make a belt and beside the bridges there are three types of houses:
1-Houses for rich people
2-Houses for middle class people
3-Houses for poor people
Anyway the houses for rich people were built with stones to make them look bigger and fancier. But nowadays the houses are very expensives and most of the buildings are banks or business.
During the 1240 started to appear the first fisher habitants and the legend says that they create Amsterdam.
There is an extension project which consists in add three channels and this way we can count more than 100km of channels in Amsterdam. People call it as "Venice of the North". The most important channels are:
Nowadays Amesterdam has more than 200.000 inhabitants

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