Dutch mill

How does a dutch mill look like?

The Netherlands is so closely associated with windmills, that it’s often the first fact people recall about the country. One of them is a windmill located in Maassluis, called Koorenmolen de Hoop, which was built in 1690 and renovated in 1992. The mill is made of bricks and it has got 4 blades that rotate to the right when the wind blows.

A windmill is a machine that harnesses wind energy for a purpose like grinding grain, pumping water, or generating electricity.
The Dutch built windmills for many centuries.In that time the mills were developed for corn milling, land drainage and for keeping out the water when there was a flood.
Nowadays, windmills are mostly used to generate energy. But, there are some windmills that have hotels, restaurants or museums inside.


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